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Taking Action

The ISMS House of Delegates is the forum where direction for the ISMS is determined. Once a year, members of the Illinois State Medical Society come together to debate and vote upon resolutions which will set the direction for the Society and influence the state of medicine in Illinois. Every ISMS member has the right to make their voice heard in a meaningful way through the democratic process. Resolutions adopted by the House as official ISMS policy are implemented and overseen by the ISMS Board of Trustees.

Legislation: Programs
United States Court House


Take Action

Stay up to date on current state and federal legislation and health reform updates.

Shaking Hands


You Have The Power

IMPAC is a non-partisan political action committee dedicated to the support of candidates who are advocates on behalf of Illinois physicians and their patients.


House of Delegates Resolutions

2018 Summary

Members can login to the ISMS website to view the resolutions regarding which Illinois legislation ISMS will support.

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