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The purposes of this Society are to promote the art and science of medicine; to protect and promote the public health; to maintain and improve upon the standards of medical practice through education of its member physicians and to unite the medical profession of Macon County behind these purposes; and with other county medical societies in the State of Illinois, as a chartered component of the Illinois State Medical Society. The Society shall help promote a fair and equitable distribution of Medical services to all of the people of this county.

The First Macon County Medical Society was founded in 1853 with Dr. Joseph King as President and Dr. S.T. Trowbridge secretary. Member Physicians included Drs. A. Kelly, S. V. Baldwin, Thomas Read, J. F. Roberts and A. Dillion. Dr. Roberts confined his work to his drug store on the square which is where everyone was taken when an accident occurred.

The first fifty years were a constant struggle to keep in existence. It had been dissolved and revived many times. Finally, on December 19th, 1899, the Society was recognized once again and has continued through today.

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